My experience working on Technovation Challenge.

I am excited to share my personal experience working on Technovation Challenge in Bamenda the North West Region of Cameroon for two years. Presently as a Regional Ambassador has been very challenging especially during the first year. I have come to realize that girls have the zeal and talents but they lack information and opportunities. I have worked in 8 secondary and 4 primary schools and this raised awareness and curiosity in this town. In this part of Cameroon most schools have no computers labs and programming is still a new concept.

Given that women are the most influential agents of change in my community. This work enabled me to discover a lot of gaps, which I intend to contribute in filling to make the world a better place by facing the twenty first century challenges. Students especially girls have capacity and passion to imagine and create but they are not informed about latest technology innovations because they lack exposure to training equipment and as a result they do not opt for STEM as a career. Presently the girls that are participating in Technovation Challenge are very enthusiastic and eager to learn more. But they have limited exposure and knowledge to access hand on training in computer sciences especially programming.

The Technovation Challenge has challenged me to scale up CYEED to a digital literacy center for girls in Bamenda. This is a new project that I started after submission of Technovation projects in April 2016. This center will enable girls and young women to develop a passion for STEM by valorizing their competences, igniting their ideas and empowering their actions in computer sciences especially software development.

I will say thanks you to Technovation for this great and amazing opportunity to become a change agent in my community. One team made it to the semi – finals. We are super excited to see what the girls have developed. Mobile apps that solve an issue!!!